Collaborative Robot Dispensers

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AIM Robotics Product Range

Current available Fluid Dispenser Head (FDH) range is as follows:
FDH Syringe: Precision, small batch high viscosity fluids in all standard syringes, small container sizes. Self-contained unit FDH 200/300/400: standard cartridge dispensing unit. Self-contained unit FDH HighV: Remote reservoir dispensing unit. Dispensing head + feed line


Collaborative Robot Dispensers

Technical Specifications *

Easy installation and Setup
Fully integrated with Universal Robots UR Cap software *
Pending Universal Robots Certification
Fully integrated with Universal Robots utilising the M8 8pin connector **
Dispensing precision up to 0.01 ml
Dispenses fluids ranging from medium to high viscosity
Allows for accurate placement on any shape, surface, or orientation in
continuous motion *
Dispensing speed according to robot *
True volumetric dosing even with temperature, pressure and viscosity changes

*precision, axis count and maximum operational speed is governed by the robotics solution in use, in this case Universal Robots UR3, UR5 and UR10.
**if external reservoir is used, the pump feeding the dispenser will need to be powered by 110-220v AC

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